Personal Helper Program


Welcome to Real Estate South America's "Personal Helper Program"! (PHP)


The Personal Helper Program is a program designed to help you move to Ecuador or Paraguay as easily as possible by providing a personal helper/assistant/translator to assist you in your moving needs.


Your Personal Helper will go with you in order to complete the program once you are in Ecuador or Paraguay (see details below), making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible as you make a new life for yourself.


Your Personal Helper will assist in...


- Preparing you before you get on the plane so that you have a many as possible documents that you will need in order to make the move faster and less costly.


- A contact to pick you up at the airport in Ecuador or Paraguay.  Finding a taxi driver to take you to your hotel from the airport when you land.


- Finding a rental or hotel (Please Note: unless you have set up a rental before you leave your country, rentals may not be very easy to find on the spur of the moment (a lot of people are moving to South America at this time).


- Help you purchase of a cell phone. This is something that you will absolutely need if you are want to be productive in South America.


- Help you purchase your Internet service to allow you access to the Internet in your new home or rental.


- Setting up a Bank account if you are getting a residency visa.  We will hook you up with the lawyer or visa person that will help you get your visa (visa and lawyer are extra).


- Contacts for a personal Spanish teacher or a Spanish school to enroll in.


- Setting up transportation while you are in Ecuador or Paraguay such as getting you our most trusted private drivers to take you where you want to go.


*** Additional fees are not included in this price such as…

Your taxi fees, phone and phone fees, hotel fees, visa cost and lawyer.  In short we are helping you connect with the people you need to get it all going.  You will have to pay your own fees of course.


Our drivers charge $15.00 per hour to show you properties or rentals.


The Personal Helper Program (PHP) is $1,250.00 plus your expenses and it includes our one hour $200.00 Personal Phone Call to get you started.  The PHP normally takes one week.

For payment we take... PayPal / Wire Transfer / BitCoins 

If there is something else that you need included in the package, we can put together a package that works for you. The general package just covers what was mentioned above, but if you want more or different things in the package, we can customize it for you. (Pricing may change depending on what is added.)


There are no refunds for any services