Personal Phone Call


Ask us what ever you want for one hour on the phone.

For $200.00 USD, you can talk to us for an hour and ask anything you want about moving to Ecuador or Paraguay.


The “Personal Phone Call” program is designed to save you time and money. One hour on the phone with someone that has been in South America for over 7 years can help you determine if either Ecuador or Paraguay is really the place for you or not. If Ecuador or Paraguay are for you, you can save a lot of time and money getting ready to move and probably save at least one trip that you will not have to take because you can prepare much better.


For example, many people have come to Ecuador to find out what they need then, return to their home country prepare and return again. Sometimes people return home more than once but this call may very well eliminate one or more of those trips.


On the other hand, some people get done with this call and decide South America is not a place they want to move to. Either way it can save you a lot of time and money.


With the phone call we can hook you up with a reliable person to get you your visa for a good price for the country you are visiting.


For payment we take... PayPal / Wire Transfer / BitCoins